Friday, February 15, 2013

friday favorites

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow morning Kent and I are off to Atlanta for a long weekend to visit my parents. The weather isn't expected to be as warm as I had hoped, but we will still have a lovely visit. I plan to relax, eat well, and get my behind kicked at my favorite kickboxing classes. I can't wait.

Today I'm introducing a series that I plan to feature weekly. On Fridays I will share some of my favorite finds from around the internet including food, articles, fashion, home decor, etc. that I came across during the week. Have a great weekend everyone!

Favorite quote:

Favorite funny: Free Bates Cookies. Downton Abbey became my latest TV obsession. I finished season two last weekend, so I'm not sure if Bates has been released from prison yet during the current season, but I thought that these were pretty funny. I'm not quite talented enough to pull this idea off. I do love that Mr. Bates though.

Favorite indulgence: Carbonara w/ Pan Seared Scallops. I am on a major bacon kick these days. I've been adding it to almost all of our dinners recently. And since my wedding (where we served the most delicious scallops with sweet corn risotto), I opt for scallops at any opportunity. This sounds like a heavenly meal that I'll attempt to recreate at some point.

Favorite treat: Cookie Butter Cup Cupcakes. These cupcakes look amazing. If you don't know what cookie butter is, then please pick up a jar during your next grocery trip.

Favorite look: casual chic. Lauren Conrad has the cutest spring line this year at Kohl's. I've ordered a few of her pieces online previously, but they never translate in person. She clearly has a great stylist for her shoots. I love the contrasting blues with the accent belt. 

Favorite read: Make Mistakes Every Day. I think that this is particularly relevant for twenty-somethings, but any age group can benefit from this insightful piece from Thought Catalog.

Favorite Dog: Winter Pooch. Too sweet.

Favorite Space: Built in Desk. I love this little nook. It looks so comfy, and the blue wall is quite soothing.

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